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Are you in an S.O.S.- shinny-face situation? This sounds familiar for all the rest of the oily skinners. But don’t be alarmed, read the following 3 reasons for why your skin is going shinny and take into account out 3 tips to prevent oily situations suggested by b.liv skincare. First of all…In you are interested in learning about “Top Cosmetic Dermatologist Delray Beach“, visit this website https://www.allenbydermatology.com/– today.

1.Constantly cleanse pores. The rate of sebum production may be accelerated either from hormonal reasons (and this is called puberty) or because we mistreat our skin. A much higher quantity of sebum is being trapped into your pores along with other daily aggressors that’s why keeping your skin clean is a must.

Think of it like that, your skin is already going all pimpy because of the excess sebum, if you neglect washing it or removing your make-up before going to sleep than you will need to face a skin revolution. The simplest thing you need to do is be careful to remove your make-up, cleanse daily and exfoliate weekly.

2.Hydrate your skin. If you don’t moisturize properly oily skin can get dehydrated. As a result your skin will start producing even more oil in order to get itself moist. Even if it’s oily your skin needs the proper moisture. How do you know that? If your skin feels tight after cleansing and it continuous to feel tight even if you put a moisturizer on then you have it!

You need to change your moisturizer. Don’t be afraid that a cream will make your skin too greasy, there are a lot of variety for oily skin. If you still haven’t found the perfect moisturizer how about trying b.liv Quench Me?

3.Use products that control oiliness. There are a lot of products designed to control oily skin and the most effective ones are serums and masks. Trust us, don’t count on cleansers and toners to control oily skin on the long-run.  Find a proper serum, like b.liv’s Off With Those Heads or a face mask.

Clay is a good option if you need to take the shine off your face but a more effective solution is using an AHA (alpha hydroxyl mask) or BHA (beta hydroxyl acid). AHAs and BHAs are powerful acids that penetrate your skin and help generate new skin cells by eliminating the dead ones from the surface of the skin along with sebum. Do you need proof? Then try b.liv’s Glow and Shine.

Get started on these basic 3 tips for a healthy and non-greasy skin, they may sound too basic but if you want long-term results this is where you need start. If you liked this article maybe you also want to check What causes oily skin? 6 answers

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