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Gambling Ship Halts Cruises

March 29, 2022 0 Comment

The Texas Treasure, one of two day-cruise gambling ships at the Port of Palm Beach, will set sail Feb. 16 for its last cruise – citing lack of business and its competitor’s edge for the departure. There simply wasn’t enough business, says Texas Treasure President Stephanie Hodges. She complained that competitor Palm Beach Princess’ favorable lease gave it too much of an edge. The Princess, unlike the Treasure, has a long-term lease, paying the Florida port $1.30 less in fees per passenger than the Treasure, and also has the perk of a passenger shuttle service paid by the port. Port Director Richard Wainio had been warning port commissioners that the Treasure could go at any time because of its financial shape and it had to work around the schedules of small, luxury cruise ships using the terminal. The port had expected $850,000 in revenue from the Treasure for the rest of the fiscal year, but hopes to make up all but $400,000 to $500,000, says Wainio. The operator of the Princess has had financial problems of its own. In January, it filed for bankruptcy protection while it tries to refinance the ship. Both port officials and Princess President Fran Murray …

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Inside Let it Ride for Login Sbobet

February 25, 2022 0 Comment

I saw your column about gambling movies and noticed that “Let It Ride” was on top. I couldn’t agree more, since that’s my book. The book was called Good Vibes.

A convict (my fan base for this one) in New Jersey wrote me recently and said that he had found a hardback of Good Vibes on one of the Internet auction houses for $275! I used to sail hard backs like Frisbees at people at speaking gigs. Out of print movie books get rare fast.

The woman who wrote the movie did a terrific job. She did the book exactly as written. Her name was, is, Nancy Dowd. She is the sister of Ned Dowd, who produced it. Ned Dowd was Ned Braden and the focal point of Slapshot. As for the movie, I went to Hialeah a couple of days before shooting started. The night before, a bunch of us went to a dog track so Richard Dreyfuss and the others could get in the proper frame of mind. All night, the old woman that owned the dog track whispered winners in Dreyfuss’s ear. Says a lot about dog racing, doesnąt it.

The most interesting angles of that film, …

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Germany 4:3 Mexico Bitcoin Dice

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Germany downed Mexico 4:3 in Leipzig in an entertaining finale to their Confederations Cup campaigns.

The clash of the losing semi-finalists may not have been hotly anticipated but was far from forgetful with a healthy seven goals to send the home fans home happy and looking forward to next year’s World Cup.

For Mexico, the conquerors of Brazil, it was another close-run defeat following their semi-final penalty agony against Argentina, but they can cross the Atlantic proud of their tournament showing, which surprised European eyes and won the CONCACAF champions a great deal of respect.

Lukas Podolski’s began the goal-fest in the thirty-seventh minute with a twenty-yard missile from a sweet Bastian Schweinsteiger backheel that lodged in the top corner of the net. But three minutes later Mexico were level from Jose Fonseca’s low drive before Schweinsteiger restored Germany’s lead with a tap-in at the far post a minute later.

Mike Hanke received a red card after fifty-four minutes for a clattering tackle on Carlos Salcido and the Germans lost their lead again four minutes later when Luis Perez crossed for Jared Borgetti to head past Oliver Kahn.

Chelsea’s Robert Huth, who had had a tough tournament, was smiling again …

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Digg Undergoes Design Overhaul to Draw Back Users for What Is Flic

February 22, 2022 0 Comment

Competition in social media and social bookmarking has always been fierce and grows increasingly tough for both veterans and startups. Digg, the once popular social bookmarking site, painfully recognized this fact after recent stumbles and has overhauled its entire interface in order to restore confidence and lure back users it had shed.

The overall reboot has been divided into three major branches. The first branch involves Digg’s overall look; key topics (i.e. Technology, Science, Gaming, etc.) will now be posted at page’s top rather than the side, Story pages have been revamped, and the “Submit” feature will feature more prominently than “Search” with its own box on top of every page.

Search has been downgraded to a magnifying glass icon that a user must click on first before the search box appears. The second branch involves upgrading individual profile pages by reintroducing user statistics (submission, commenting, and following) which were previously left out of the site’s recent incarnation.

Finally, Digg is incorporating new, opt-in notifications for users when their posts reach “Top News”. Granted, “Top News” no longer has the luster it once had since “My News” became the default status; however, one can still feel a bit of pride …

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Internet Joker123 Slot Gambling Featured on “The National”

February 7, 2022 0 Comment

The National, a Canadian newscast on the CBC, focused on Internet gambling last night. The theme of the program: “Playing games online is serious business, and in Canada, it’s also illegal.”


Reporter Sasa Petricic interviewed Doug Lewis, a former Canadian Justice Minister who now runs online casinos. Lewis said his sites are legal because they are based in Antigua and filter out Canadians. Petricic countered that he registered and placed a wager at one of Lewis’s sites using a Canadian address.


“In Canada there’s nothing gray about it. It’s illegal,” said Larry Moody, head of the Ontario Provincial Police’s Illegal Games Unit. According to the broadcast, Canada’s criminal code only allows one group to run a gambling business using computers: provincial governments. And so far none have jumped at the opportunity.


The segment briefly mentioned Canadian software manufacturer CryptoLogic, and Kahnawake, a Mohawk reservation near Montreal that issues licenses to Internet casinos and hosts the casinos on their servers.


The 3-minute piece concluded with a 19-year-old Montreal woman who said she lost $20,000 at a land-based casino in Montreal and “dreads the day it all comes to her on the Internet.”


Editor’s Note – We …


February 4, 2022 0 Comment




2012 has been an exciting year for Bitcoin. We have seen BitPay grow from near-irrelevance to processing transactions for over 2000 merchants around the world, Coinabul expand its gold-selling business from nothing in October 2011 to over 120,000 BTC of gold sold this year, entirely new Bitcoin-accepting businesses like Coindl and the Bitcoin Store open their doors, and hundreds more innovative services, of which there are unfortunately far too many to mention.


Of course, life in the Bitcoin world has been far from perfect. We saw the margin trading service Bitcoinica come crashing down after a series of hacks, all in the tens of thousands of BTC in size, a Ponzi scheme grow to a size of $5 million at its peak before collapsing in August, and Bitcoin exchange Bitfloor lose $250,000 to another thief in September.


However, after these events, the Bitcoin community has begun to take security much more seriously and, among other security upgrades, policies of keeping at least 85% of customers’ assets in offline cold storage have become an industry standard for Bitcoin exchanges. Scams too have become much more difficult to pull off. Learn more about SKYBLOCK GUIDE



Russell Foreman on Singapore Online Casino Casino

January 31, 2022 0 Comment




London casino giant Aspinalls has gone online after four decades in the brick-and-mortar casino business. I spoke with Russell Foreman, CEO of the new online casino, to find out how they’re putting that experience to good use.



WINNERonline: Why take Aspinalls online at this point?

Russell Foreman: The Aspinall family could see the potential of online gambling, but they wanted to be sure this wasn’t a flash in the pan. They wanted to explore the long-term potential to see whether this was a credible business.


Aspinalls is a natural [choice for an online Singapore Online Casino casino]. We bring our long-term experience to bear, and people know this is a name they can rely on. Being a public company also adds another level of trust to this. We are completely transparent. You know who you’re going to play with.


Wo: I see that offers a London casino and a Caribbean casino. Do the two just look different or do they offer something different for players?

RF: The sites do look different, but there will also be different games available. The London casino will offer players more table games, and the Caribbean …

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Second-half softness may persist

January 3, 2022 0 Comment

Leaving the One.Tel disaster behind, it is evident that the core businesses of Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd had a fairly soft second half in 2000-01.

The weak advertising market clobbered the television and magazine earnings, while the lucky run of Crown Casino returned to the normal. Going forward, it appears these conditions are tending to persist, although PBL’s magazine division is looking a little brighter.


Investors wanting to see how the underlying business is performing should strip out the headline-grabbing abnormal losses and look at the core divisions in terms of EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation). PBL’s EBITDA was $624 million in the last financial year. That’s a decrease of 5.3 per cent on 1999-00, which doesn’t look too bad.


However, the bulk of the latest profit was earned in the first half of the financial year. The second half was considerably softer. The accompanying table tells the story.


The EBITDA for television was $253 million for the full year, but only $90 million of that was earned in the second half. The magazine division earned $94 million, of which only $40 million was delivered in the June half.


Crown generated $300 million …

House panel OKs Internet gambling restrictions move to Sg Online Casino

January 2, 2022 0 Comment



Money laundering bill would increase power to find, destroy terrorists’ financial networks


WASHINGTON — A House panel agreed Thursday to restrict Internet gambling as part of sweeping legislation to block money laundering by terrorists.


The House Financial Services Committee voted 62-1 to pass a money laundering bill that would increase the government’s power to find and destroy financial networks of terrorists, drug dealers and other criminals.


Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, cast the lone vote against the bill, questioning the relevance of the Internet gambling provision, and complaining the legislation was more of a war on financial privacy than on terrorism.


Last week, the Senate Banking Committee passed a similar bill that does not include Internet gambling restrictions. Supporters of the gambling controls acknowledged the provision may be stripped out of the legislation before final passage by Congress.


The Internet proposal would prevent gamblers from using credit cards and other bank instruments to pay for their wagers, taking away the most common methods that customers use to access online wagering.


Rep. Jim Leach, R-Iowa, who proposed the restrictions, described Internet gambling sites as potential havens for money laundering, the process by which cash …

slot online


December 2, 2021 0 Comment

Berbagai Statistik Judi Online Olahraga di Layar

Begitu banyak Judi Online olahraga bermuara pada angka: ada angka dalam peluang siapa yang akan menang, angka dalam statistik yang membantu mendorong kemenangan atau kekalahan, dan angka untuk membantu memengaruhi statistik individu. Angka mendorong hasil Judi Online olahraga.


Namun, terlalu sering, kita cenderung tidak fokus pada angka pasti di balik statistik Judi Online olahraga, dan malah melihat gambaran yang lebih besar. Itu bisa berguna, tetapi mendapatkan statistik dan tren Judi Online olahraga terbaru dapat sangat membantu kesuksesan Judi Online Anda. Kami akan melihat beberapa angka di balik statistik Judi Online olahraga untuk membantu Anda lebih memahaminya.




Judi Online olahraga menyumbang 30-40% dari pendapatan perjudian global

Lebih dari 45% dari semua Judi Online olahraga ditempatkan melalui ponsel

Pasar Judi Online olahraga AS memiliki kapitalisasi pasar antara $60-73 miliar

Lebih dari 50% warga AS telah memasang Judi Online pada acara olahraga setidaknya sekali

Hanya 18 dari 50 negara bagian yang secara resmi melegalkan Judi Online olahraga

Pada tahun 2019, Nevada menangani total $ 5,32 miliar dalam Judi Online olahraga

eSports adalah sektor Judi Online olahraga yang tumbuh paling cepat berdasarkan volume

Acara olahraga teratas untuk dipertaruhkan di …

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