This Week at 먹튀사이트 (28th – 3rd February 2013)

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This week at FTR we have some great exclusive tournaments, our Full Tilt deal continues, and another two sports competitions

Tournaments This Week

We’ve got two great tournaments in the next two days, both with massive amounts of added money! We kick off tomorrow with the Pokerstars FTR250 – always the most popular event of the month! It costs just $3.30 to play and we add $250 to the prize pool! Read full information here

The second tournament is on Wednesday and has even more money added. In my opinion, this tournament is by far the best value we offer every month. It’s the Ladbrokes Special – it’s a €5 buyin with €400 added that often ends with €15 or €20 added per person! Everyone’s welcome and there’s a great signup bonus if you don’t already have an account – see the thread here

Full Tilt Poker Promotion

Our Full Tilt promotion is still running and is looking likely to be extended. Congratulations to James W. and Anton K. for winning some 먹튀사이트 exclusive free Full Tilt gear, just for signing up!

– a 100% bonus up to $600

– a free $2.25 tournament ticket

– 10 tickets to the …

Top Tips for Going Viral

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It has to be one of the most simple yet powerful internet marketing & branding tactics – viral marketing. Done right, it will draw laser targeted prospects to your websites & products. It will brand you as an expert in your niche. It will explode your list. And yes, it will do wonders for your bottom line too. For any Translation related help, visit Translation Companies UK


In this article we’ll explore viral marketing – what it is and how you can get viral today.

What Is Viral Marketing?

Simply, viral marketing involves giving away something of value to a targeted audience – and allowing others to do the same. Hence the free product (branded with your website details/name) spreads through the internet world, like a virus.

If your free product is valuable to the end user and is attractive enough for “authority sites” to promote, you may well find that you get a deluge of targeted visitors to your websites – without paying a cent.

Some Examples Of Viral Marketing

Here are some potent ways of using viral marketing:

– Create a free eBook with solid content that attracts your target market like a magnet. Make sure …

BigMich08 Wins Full Tilt Poker신규 꽁머니 XVI Event #12

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We are just four days into this year’s Full Tilt Online 신규 꽁머 Series and the unstoppable tournament train has already hit Event #12. This 6-max No Limit Hold ‘em event features the biggest buy-in of any single day event this series, meaning that only the very best players were able to find the $1,000 + $60 required to enter. Full Tilt was clearly not expecting the high price point to repel so many people, with the prize pool unable to crack the $1.5 million guarantee. Of course, for the elite 1,138 who did enter, this meant extra equity and a shorter tournament. Event #12 finished early this morning, coming in at a bracing 10.5 hours.

The event was hosted by poker phenom and amateur rapper Jeff Madsen, most famous for his double bracelet haul at the 2006 World Series. In addition to his prodigious poker talent, Madsen has also become a hit with online poker fans thanks to his questionable hip-hop videos. Madsen is still one of the game’s top players, recently scoring $635,000 for his 1st place finish in the $3,300 NLHE event at the Borgata Winter Open. This haul took his lifetime live tournament earnings …

Fighting Wrinkles

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Did you know there are two kinds of wrinkles? Wrinkles on the skin are divided into those produced by movement of the skin and those that are present when the skin of the face is at rest. Moisturizers can only work by minimizing the appearance of fine lines in skin at rest that are caused by dehydration of the skin.



Hoping to avoid crow’s feet? You can minimize the likelihood of developing wrinkles around your eyes by applying sunscreen (but remember, not too close to the eye) and wearing protective eyewear, such as wraparound sunglasses. Some wrinkles are produced by repeated movement of the skin.



AHA are carboxylic acids. Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane, lactic acid from sour milk and citric acid from citrus fruit. They have an ability to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. They may also reduce pigment production in individuals who have melasma. They may thicken the skin by increasing what is called the ground substance in the dermis. Learn more about chemical peels and products like Reversa™ by clicking on



Did you wake up with a huge crease on your …

Earn Extra Money as a Retiree – 10 Creative Ways

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The reality of retirement is scary in this day and age. With the cost of living rising every day, you have to supplement your savings with new income sources and continue growing your wealth. Unless you had made significant investments in your working days, you might end up struggling to make ends meet. Others want to make use of their free time instead of getting bored over the complete leisure. If you are looking a new source of income, here is how to earn extra money in retirement:

  1. Get a Part-time Job

You can quickly secure a part-time job like stacking shelves at a local bookstore, pet sitting, marketing products or even handling calls for an e-commerce store. If you want to enjoy the job, follow your passion, and you will be surprised by the number of employers looking for people like you. Start by asking around your Brassica API or checking on job boards for related job vacancies in your area.

  1. Start a Business

Do you have a business idea that you are passionate about or maybe a lifelong dream? You can convert that passion into a real business. Find a product or service that you can sell …

3D Slot Machine Comes to hk prize

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888 Holdings, the company that operates 888poker and hk prize has announced that they are offering the world’s first 3D slot machine.

The game, which is called Magical Forest, is a 3-reel, 5-payline slot set in the forest. The reels feature things one would associate with a “Magical Forest”, including logs, mushrooms, berries, stars and emerald rings. Matching three mushrooms reveals their “secret powers”, while emerald rings increase the payout by 5x!


Obviously, the most exciting feature of the new slot is that players can view it in 3D. With the use of 3D glasses, the game will come to life right in front of excited players. For players without 3D glasses, the game can also be played in standard 2D.


While the game is currently exclusive to, the game could be featured on 888 Holdings other domains, so others with 3D glasses will be able to experience the 3D slot.


Itai Pazner, Chief Operations Officer for 888, said in a statement about the release of the game, “There is absolutely no question that three-dimensional gaming is the next big innovation in online gaming. 888 has, once again, responded to players’ and the market’s needs by …

Full-Tilt-Poker Leaderboards – Current Leaders May 27th

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Well we’re inching closer to capping off yet another monthly leaderboard and May hasn’t been short of any notable action.  Many of the players mentioned in this article deserve a lot of respect for their persistent winning and respect is precisely what they’ll get.  Many of these names are beginning to become synonimous with the FTP Leaderboards, as they should.  With a short stint of three full days of action we could see some drastic changes in the the MTT Leaderboard, followed by some minor changes in both SNG levels if any of our top players are caught off their guard.

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the FTP Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the Full Tilt network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar.  Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.


For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (a whopping 250 recorded places) click here:  May 27th Leaderboard Results.


Current May 27th Top Ten MTT Leaders:


1     Halfrek      17739.00      $1000 & Entry

2     Rounder63     13587.80     $500 & Entry

3     rtkoss     …

Safety: Another Advantage of Playing Online

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In the past, I have discussed some of the advantages of gambling online rather than in a brick and mortar casino. However, there is one benefit that had never occurred to me until now. You don’t have to worry about being robbed.


Online casinos, of course, have the risk of someone hacking into your account and stealing from you that way, but that’s not what I mean. Besides, reputable online casinos have safety measures in place to prevent that kind of thing. What I mean is some guy sticking a gun in your face and demanding you hand over your money.


That exact situation occurred in a south Florida casino last month. On January 29, 2010, a man identified as Dominic Zibuda walked into a Seminole casino, brandished a gun, and took money from a casino employee. He then fled with the thousands of dollars. Though no one was hurt and no casino customers were robbed, the event has certainly made an impact. Since that date, that casino and others in the area have reported a sharp decline in attendance and revenue. Many insiders believe that there is a direct relation between that two: that people are worried …

Review of Burning the Tables in Las Vegas

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In 1976, Ian Andersen (a pseudonym) produced the now classic Turning the Tables in Las Vegas, which has always been the reference on blackjack “casino comportment”, that is, how to fool the casino into thinking that you’re not counting cards. Now, almost 25 years later, Andersen has authored a sequel or update, depending on your perspective, that covers new techniques that the author has adapted to the game over the years.

The first few chapters are the standard introduction to Blackjack and card counting, and can be skipped by the familiar reader. If the first two chapters are new material, then this book is probably the wrong place to start. In the third chapter, Andersen gives his reasons as to why he believes that simpler counting systems like the Hi-Low and Hi-Opt I, both of which he uses, are sufficient for card counters, even at the professional level.

With Chapter 4, we get into the heart of the book. Andersen has studied the betting and playing habits of big bet blackjack players for many years. Based upon these observations and some computer simulations, he has devised a playing pattern that provides excellent camouflage while maintaining a healthy edge. His calculations …

Diamond Painting

Diamond Art for Your Kids

April 29, 2022 0 Comment

Kids are getting into the diamond painting hobby like never before. Stuck at home with nothing to do, they are really enjoying this hobby that is seeing sales and interest skyrocket.


Parents love how inexpensive diamond painting is and how it gets the kids away from their screens for a while. Kids love how relaxing it is and how easy and fun it can be to create wonderful works of art all on their own. It makes them feel like little artists, and that’s a wonderful thing.


An Educational Hobby

Are you worried that your kids are not learning very much and that they are wasting their time with brain-numbing activities? Watching YouTube videos of other people play video games and following Instagram influencers online may be worrying behaviors from them, so you might be concerned that they aren’t exercising their brains or their creative side.


Diamond art is mentally stimulating. Kids love the bright colors and artistic designs. They learn how to place diamonds with precision and work on their fine motor skills. They are also learning about the subject matter of the painting many times. They might be curious and ask you questions about it. …

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