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Do I Have Oily Skin? 4 Methods To Find Out Your Skin Type | Lip filler Chattanooga

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Finding out your right skin type is not always an easy task. Although you have probably heard of the basic skin division (normal, dry, sensitive, oily and combination) in practice skin types are not so easily delimited. Oily skin may be dehydrated and thus mistaken by dry skin and rosacea or acne prone-skin are particular to sensitive skin type but a different care plan is needed. By any chance if you are looking for “Lip filler Chattanooga“, get in touch with “” – they are the best in their business.

So how do we know which skin type we have? Here are the most popular 4 methods to help you determine your skin type:


For most of us a simple observation will do.

Wash your face with a cleanser for normal skin. Don’t apply anything else on your face, wait one hour and start analysing.

The condition of your skin tells us a lot. If your skin feels entirely tight, uncomfortable, and flacky you are probably dealing with dry skin. If you feel itchy and red, your skin might experience some sensitivity. If you have oily zones like the T-zone or cheeks your skin is either oily or mixed.

The tricky part here is to distinguish between oily and combination skin. I have already written a detailed article on this topic Combination or oily dehydrated skin?


The traditional paper test can help you test your oily skin to some extend. This is not the most accurate skin type test but it sure is the funniest of all.


Test your skin when you wake up in the morning. Don’ t wash your face. If you already cleansed it than wait one hour before performing the test.

Take a thin layer of tissue or blotting paper and press it on your face. Release it. Does the tissue stick on areas of your face? Then obviously, the areas that it sticks to are oily. And that’s about all the information you will get from the test.

From my own experience, I recommend you use a very thin layer of tissue. In some cases, even if you have heavy oily skin the tissue won’t stick. You will also not be able to see grease on your tissue, even if you have plenty of it, so don’t take this test too seriously.

For a step by step guide with picture read the WikiHow article How to determine your skin type but don’t rely too much on it.


You can find a more professional approach on Paula’s choice website. Similar approaches are promoted by celebrity beauticians like Kate Somerville and Rene Rouleau and they start from the premise that the basic division of oily-combination-dry does not address other significant skincare issues.

We should also consider that our skin condition is the one that determines how our skin behaves. Also, our skin changes due to hormonal, environmental and nutrition factors for this reason aesthetician Renee Rouleau proposes 9 diverse skin types with their particular issues.

Check out Paula’s choice method of identifying your skin type by reading what is my skin type


This is a a another fun way to figure out what skin type you have. If you find it difficult to draw conclusions on your own then let other do it for you. I find these online tests pretty reliable as they look at the condition of your skin. Where do you have enlarged pores, how does your skin behave at different times in a day, where do you break out, how often etc.

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