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How does electric smoking and Snus Nicotine work?

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General questions – General information about e-cigarettes and electric smoking in general can be found in our shop.


You can also find all of this on the bottom left or top right of the homepage. If you have specific questions and you cannot find them under general questions, simply send us an email to:


The shop now offers over 130 flavors:

A list of the available flavors can be found here: Flavors


All refill liquids offered in our shop are mixed and manufactured in a Spanish pharmacy , with natural essential oils or artificial flavors (for products where essential oils cannot be obtained). These are absolutely harmless for normal healthy people.


Here are the ingredients:


1% alcohol (which, however, evaporates before inhalation),

Propylene glycol, nicotine extract, * nicotine extract (* not for without nicotine),

Acetyl Pyrazine (flavorings from the crust of rye bread),

Flavorings and essential oils.



Please do not mix or change our refill liquids, as this can damage your health and electrical equipment.


Not for children and young people under 18 years of age.


E-cigarettes show consideration for non-smokers, people who are sensitive or allergic to nicotine, pregnant or breastfeeding women. The future lies in the e-cigarette!


Would you like to be part of our success of Snus Nicotine?




The Freesmoke e-cigarette consists of a rustproof coating in selectable colors. The e-cigarette houses a small electronic atomizer that produces or simulates real smoke. This essentially consists of water vapor and nicotine. When inhaling, an indicator light on the tip of the device signals to the user that the nicotine is now being dissolved in the form of smoke.


The nicotine depots required for use are available in 5 different strengths:


Strong (18mg), Medium (15mg), Light (11mg), Light2 (5mg) and Zero (0 mg) nicotine.


A nicotine depot corresponds to about 1-2 packets of conventional cigarettes and costs between 1.50-2.50 euros.


In the Freesmoke nicotine depots there is a solution enriched with nicotine and a tobacco aroma, which is atomized and released when you pull on the electronic cigarette. This gives the smoker the feeling of being a conventional cigarette.

Keep smoking low-polluting – wherever you want with Freesmoke. Freesmoke – Smoking without disturbing and harming others.

The new way of smoking – keep smoking low-polluting with freesmoke. Smoke wherever you want, at work, in the bar, in the restaurant, in non-smoking areas and even on the plane.



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