Jamie Gold Powers Activated (To Win a WSOP ME Seat)

June 28, 2022 0 Comment


On Friday I set my facebook pic to Jamie Gold and I to gain his special powers. And I’ll be damned, it worked. I binked a WSOP ME seat on Saturday and it was quite the ride. Back up to August.

My friends and I decided to take a trip in my bandar judi pulsa to one of the local Indian casinos, about 2 hours away from home. Taking an RV to the casino is by far the best way to travel. Fill it up full of alcohol, park in the lot, get plastered on the drive there, and run out to do shots while on break. We all bought into a $40 tournament + rebuys which was a super satellite to another event held in 2011. That event was their yearly big tournament, $640 buy-in, where the top 2 players won a $15,600 package to the main event. Kinda neat. So without going into much detail, I ended up being heads up against one of my friends, we split the money and played for the seat. We got it in and my 99 held against his AJ scoring me like $500 and this $640 seat.

Fast forwarding until around the end of March, I had completely forgotten about this seat. Hoping I hadn’t missed it I called and found it was the next weekend. Phew. So the wife and I head there and I have to get up super early since the tournament begins at 11am. I mean wtf?

Structure was good, 10,000 starting chips at 25/50 with 30 minutes levels. 61 runners, top 2 won a WSOP package and 3rd – 6th won a little cash. Table was good, no one knew what the hell they were doing, which wasn’t really lucky, any table would have been the same. I mean it’s an Indian casino ffs! This is the first live donkament I had played since the one back in August, and I hadn’t been playing much online poker, so you could say I was rusty. I made a lot of glaring mistakes in the early levels and just bled chips. After the first hour I was down to 5k, which was still a decent stack but was down on myself for playing bad. The next two levels were extremely boring and I have nothing to say really, I was all-in about 7 times and the only time someone called was when we both had AK and chopped.

So it’s 3 hours into this thing and I’m sitting with about 7k and get a table change. The blinds at this point were 500/1000/100, so I needed to make a move fast. First hand at the new table I have to take the big blind and look at J7o. 4 limpers and I check my option. The board came 589 giving me a double belly buster and I shove for 6k. UTG snap calls and everyone folds. He shows T8 and is sickened when the 6 comes on the turn giving me the straight. The next couple of levels I ran extremely card dead and folded everything, until the hand.

It was 800/1600/200 and I had about 13k. It folded to the guy on my right who shoved for 5k and I looked down at A5o in HJ. Looking to my left it was obvious that CO and BB were both folding and it was ayceb. But it hurt when the button (who was chip leader) announced that she was all-in as well. Ups. When I saw the news, I was dead. She had AKo, he had AJdd, and I was sitting with A5o. The flop came T83dd which stole 1 of my outs. Turn bricked and holy Jamie Gold the prettiest off suit 5 hit the river. Boom.

3 hands later, the girl obviously still on tilt, raised 3x and I look down at AJss in the BB. I shove and she asks if I want to suck out on her again, to which I politely reply, “Yes ma’am.” She eventually calls and tables ATo. I hold and am now chip leader, with around 65k. At this point there was 20 of the 61 remaining and we combined to the final two tables.

I have nothing to say about the final two tables. I just played my stack, raised/re-raised in position, doubled a couple people up and before you knew it I was still the chip leader going into the final table. As expected, everyone was playing tiiiiiiight. The money bubble was 6th, but no one wanted to be that guy to take 3rd or 4th. Again, the next few levels were super standard. Average stack was under 10 BBs, I was chip leader, and everyone folded everything. One hand I shoved on the button and the BB mucked AKo face up. This was going to be easy.

I ended up running well in my races and took out 3 people in 5 hands, once with my 88 v A9o, and twice with my ATo v QJo, back to back. We were down to 5 and the downfall began. I doubled up the same lady 4 times (wow did she run good), and an old guy once. I was up to 270k but suddenly back down to 90k @ 5K/10K/1K. Somewhere during the noise someone else busted and down to 4 I had the second shortest stack. I ended up shoving with AQo UTG and old guy in the BB sighed, debated, and eventually called tabling KK. Ups. “Jamie Gold, if you can hear me, I need you now.” And hear me he did as the board ran out AQ75A. After that, it was clear sailing. Everyone was folding everything. I was stealing 2 of the 4 hands every round, and getting walks every time I had the BB.

Then the dream came to life as UTG doubled the BB, and old guy moved all-in. I had to check my hand 3 times to make sure it really was AA. Yep it was and I shoved. Even better, UTG folded with only 30k left @ 8k/16k/2k. My aces held and I now had over half of the chips in play. Next hand shortie was in BB and I limped in the button with K3cc, SB folded and he checked. It was all over when the flop came K62cc and he shoved. I called and dominated his 98cc. That was it, the tournament was over and I was going to the Main Event.

I’ve never played in the WSOP before as I never had the bankroll (and quite honestly the skill), so this will be exciting. Now just need to call upon Jamie Gold and I’ll see yal in November.

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