Safety: Another Advantage of Playing Online

May 21, 2022 0 Comment

In the past, I have discussed some of the advantages of gambling online rather than in a brick and mortar casino. However, there is one benefit that had never occurred to me until now. You don’t have to worry about being robbed.


Online casinos, of course, have the risk of someone hacking into your account and stealing from you that way, but that’s not what I mean. Besides, reputable online casinos have safety measures in place to prevent that kind of thing. What I mean is some guy sticking a gun in your face and demanding you hand over your money.


That exact situation occurred in a south Florida casino last month. On January 29, 2010, a man identified as Dominic Zibuda walked into a Seminole casino, brandished a gun, and took money from a casino employee. He then fled with the thousands of dollars. Though no one was hurt and no casino customers were robbed, the event has certainly made an impact. Since that date, that casino and others in the area have reported a sharp decline in attendance and revenue. Many insiders believe that there is a direct relation between that two: that people are worried about their safety in the casino and have decided instead to stay home.


The south Florida casino robbery did not have a happy ending. After the authorities were tipped off to the robber’s identity, a SWAT operation at togel hongkong hari ini house ended with the suspect turning his gun on himself and committing suicide.


It’s a sad ending to the story, but it brings up a question. Where do you feel safer, in your own home or in a casino with millions of dollars sitting around? Now, I don’t believe that the casinos are unsafe. I think you’re just as safe, if not more so, in a casino as in a bank or convenience store and people keep going to those. However, if you do your gambling online you can stay in a locked home and keep a loaded gun handy, just in case someone should decide to break in. You don’t have that option at a brick and mortar casino.


Guyana Opens First Casino


The Cooperative Republic of Guyana now has gambling… sort of. For those of you who are geographically challenged, Guyana is located on the northern coast of South America, bordered by Venezuela, Brazil and some country called Suriname. The country has been ruled by settlers from Spain, France, the Netherlands and England over the course of its history, but gained its independence in 1966.


Now the country has taken the first step toward joining many parts of the world in allowing gambling as a source of revenue. Guyana’s main industry is eco-tourism, with visitors coming from around the world to take in their pristine beaches. By adding casinos, they hope to bring in tourists that are currently going to Brazil, the US and elsewhere.


On Saturday, the country made history by cutting the ribbon on the nation’s first casino. The Princess Hotel houses 11 gaming tables, including blackjack and poker, and 300 slot machines. Those involved in the casino are even hoping it can host a stop in the 2011 World Poker Tour.


There is a catch, though. The new casino is only open to foreigners. Visitors from other countries can go inside the casino and gamble to their heart’s content, but locals are not allowed. This casino is for tourism only. To be certain that no locals are patronizing the casino, everyone who enters must show proof of their nationality through a passport or other means.


Honestly, I’ve never heard of such a thing, opening a business within your borders but not letting anyone who lives in your country use it. There is no ban on online gambling in Guyana, though, so the locals are free to frequent online casinos and play their blackjack there. However, there are no online casinos run out of Guyana, so locals must patronize the casinos of foreign countries to play.



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