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Shock Triple Latte and Energy Drink by Vimgo

June 27, 2021 0 Comment



Now this is a tasty beverage…..for all you coffee, cappuccino, and espresso lovers out there you are really going to dig this.  Shock Triple Latte is an ULTRA smooth triple shot of espresso and cream.  This stuff is just as good if not better than anything you’ll find at Starbucks or some other equally over priced chain….I’m REALLY liking this stuff.  Seriously, it tastes just like you would expect (I mean it is a Latte), only to me it’s one of the best Lattes I have ever had….and it’s a freakin triple shot!  Think about the power in that…sure it’s not fueled by all the fancy energy herbs, but damn it probably has 3+ cups of coffee worth of caffeine in it.  If this doesn’t wake you up you have a SERIOUS caffeine problem.  Now what I want to know is where the hell was all of this stuff when I was in college????  I graduated several years back and out of all the things I didn’t get to have I think energy drinks are probably among the most useful to a college student.  I seriously would have  kept a case of these Shock drinks in my room at all times….I would have never worried about getting tired during long study sessions, or falling asleep during the early morning classes…nope, being awake would have been effortless.  The power of this drink is pretty serious.  In no time at all I was totally wired and awake…now I’m not talking wired like when I have a Red Bull…no, I’m talking bouncing off the wall, eyelids refuse to close even to water my eyes, Futurama 100 cups of coffee WIRED.  I’m fairly certain that if you drank 3 or more cans of this stuff time around you would stand still and you may reach a point of higher enlightenment…seriously, this stuff is STRONG.  I must say that if you are looking for a simple pick-me-up, go grab another drink.  If you need to be awake for the next day or so, grab a Shock drink.  These guys just have too much caffeine in them for a person that wants a little boost of energy….you’d better be needing a serious punch of power if you decide do down one of these cans.


On a side note, this drink caused me to go back and adjust the power rating of a few other drinks….It’s just that freakin strong.


Zompo! Kiwi, Lime & Cream


My first though when I tasted Energy Drink Zompo’s KL&C was of those little green and white mints you get at restaurants.  Imagine a Dreamsicle -the orange, +Kiwi and lime…strange combination for sure, but over all not bad.  While not my favorite of the Zompo line, Kiwi, Lime and Cream definitely holds it’s own.  It’s a very unique flavor that you will probably either love or hate.  Given its strange mix of tastes it is kind of a hard drink to relate to, and TOTALLY different than the other energy drinks out on the market.  I can’t help but think how this really needs something like a bit of tequila and some shaved ice to go with it and top it all off.


Power wise, if you have read about the other drinks in the Zompo line you know where this one stands…not to strong, not horribly weak.  You get just a pinch of energy…enough to perk you up a tad, or maybe snap you to attention a bit.  If you need a drink to get you out of a late night slumber, this probably won’t do the trick, and I wouldn’t count on it to keep you awake through any long study sessions either.  Really this is just a pretty tasty drink with a unique flavor that has the ability to give you a slight boost of energy.




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