Sihoki Slot Has Busted Out

July 29, 2022 0 Comment


Beginning Day 7 with 570,000 chips, Sihoki Slot qualifier Richard Wyrick went all in today with Ah-7d. He was up against Ac-Kh. The board came Kd-10s-5d-8d-8s.

In 27th place, Richard goes home with $494,797. Well done Richard.

Jeff Lisandro The Money Will Matter

Jeffrey Lisandro describes himself as a traveler of the world. I met him about 5 years ago when he came back from Russia where he had been living to play in various events at the CROWN Casino main tournament fortnight in Melbourne ( not Florida but Australia ). That year there was a $5,000 PLO event, a $5000 heads-up event and the Main Event was also $5,000 . Why Australia though? Well this 41yo had spent the first 19 years of his life in Perth, Australia. If you hear him speak you have no doubt of his early upbringing, the accent is unmistakable. Since then he has lived in Italy, Russia for 6 years and several European countries in between.

Throw Conventional Wisdom Out the Window

Last night, I heard a lot of people predict today would be a very long day, as we played down from three tables to one. But the field has already lost 6 players by the first break (80 minutes). This year’s Main Event continues to defy all the old rules about the pace of $10,000 buy-in tournaments.

We’ve seen some risky, unpredictable play this year, with extra-large preflop raises and players willing to risk their tournament lives on a draw. At times, this World Championship seems to resemble an online freeroll. This style of play obviously leads to quicker-than-usual bustouts, and we’ve seen plenty of that already. When play stopped yesterday, we were a full day and a half ahead of schedule.

The average chip count with 21 players remaining is about 4.2 million. The next level of blinds is 30K-60K, with a 10K ante, giving the average stack 70 big blinds. Those are some pretty deep stacks, but there doesn’t seem to be much deep-stack play.

One reason is chip leader Jamie Gold, who continues to dominate this field. Gold currently has 19.6 million in chips, which is more than 22% of all the chips in play. And Gold seems to be skilled at wielding his deep stack and pressuring everyone else at his table.

When we lose three more players, they will redraw for seats at the final two tables. Conventional wisdom says play should slow down tremendously as players near the million-dollar payouts and the TV bubble.

But this year, you can throw conventional wisdom out the window.

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