“Ari” Gold Wins Main Event and $12M토토사이트추천

October 24, 2022 0 Comment


Hello again everybody. I just got done watching the final table of the Main Event on pay-per-view. Yes, that’s right, I 토토사이트추up the $25 to watch all of the hands instead of only the select hands that ESPN will show a couple months from now. It will be very interesting to see how ESPN uses the 13 hours of coverage to condense a show to two hours, to make a few key story lines, what they make up, etc.

As the final table began, Jamie Gold had a nice chip lead followed fairly closely by superstar Allen Cunningham. The chip counts looked like this:

Jamie Gold, 25,500,000

Allen Cunningham, 17,700,000

Richard Lee, 11,820,000

Eric Friberg, 9,605,000

Paul Wasicka, 7,970,000

Doug Kim, 6,770,000

Rhett Butler, 4,815,000

Michael Binger, 3,140,000

Dan Nassiff, 2,600,000

With the blinds at $80k/$160k and a $20k ante, there would be plenty of play, and only one or two players were somewhat shortstacked. But there were fireworks early as Jamie Gold eliminated Dan Nassiff in only the fifth hand. With 2-2, Gold limped in, and Nassiff raised about half his stack with A-K. Gold pondered for a while before making the call (He said later …