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February 25, 2022 0 Comment

I saw your column about gambling movies and noticed that “Let It Ride” was on top. I couldn’t agree more, since that’s my book. The book was called Good Vibes.

A convict (my fan base for this one) in New Jersey wrote me recently and said that he had found a hardback of Good Vibes on one of the Internet auction houses for $275! I used to sail hard backs like Frisbees at people at speaking gigs. Out of print movie books get rare fast.

The woman who wrote the movie did a terrific job. She did the book exactly as written. Her name was, is, Nancy Dowd. She is the sister of Ned Dowd, who produced it. Ned Dowd was Ned Braden and the focal point of Slapshot. As for the movie, I went to Hialeah a couple of days before shooting started. The night before, a bunch of us went to a dog track so Richard Dreyfuss and the others could get in the proper frame of mind. All night, the old woman that owned the dog track whispered winners in Dreyfuss’s ear. Says a lot about dog racing, doesnąt it.

The most interesting angles of that film, …

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