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In this digital age, it is crucial to choose the right country for a business. This is especially true for crypto companies. Some jurisdictions are better than others to launch a crypto-startup.


Choose the right place to base your business


Many countries are still deliberating on what to do about cryptocurrency. Some governments are supportive of cryptocurrency and see the benefits of having crypto companies based in their territory, while others are hostile. It is a good idea to research the regulatory framework in different jurisdictions and examine government policies before you make a decision about launching a crypto-related company.


Are you looking to establish a business in a country with low taxes? You will still be able attract investors if the country you’re considering is open to crypto and does not have any signs of tightening regulation. Is there a strong ecosystem of fintech companies in the country that can support your business? All of these are important considerations before you open your shop. Before you decide to set up your headquarters, consider the following crypto-friendly countries.


Five Crypto-Friendly Countries for Your Business at Shelter Crypto


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