Toto HK – Event #3 – just a bit delayed

July 21, 2022 0 Comment


Yeah, I know, I should have written about this several days ago. But I fell off the wagon. I think I ended my writing streak at nine days in a row. Not too bad – let’s see if I can break that record.

So coming off a disappointing performance in the $1000 event, I was determined to play better in Event 3. And I did. 540 players put up the $550 for a chance to beat the field and win around $75k. 53 other places would pay as well. We started out with 2000 chips, with blinds at 25/25 and 50 minute levels. The day started out great – in the second hand, I flopped a set of 9’s. I didn’t bust anybody, but I took a decent pot. More importantly, I felt like it was a good omen. I only played one other significant pot the first level, when I had K-K and a player moved all-in after my raise with AQ suited. My hand held up, and at the end of level one, I had 3300 chips, well above average, but nothing to get excited about.

I had three interesting hands in level two (25/50 blinds), all …

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