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Digg Undergoes Design Overhaul to Draw Back Users for What Is Flic

February 22, 2022 0 Comment

Competition in social media and social bookmarking has always been fierce and grows increasingly tough for both veterans and startups. Digg, the once popular social bookmarking site, painfully recognized this fact after recent stumbles and has overhauled its entire interface in order to restore confidence and lure back users it had shed.

The overall reboot has been divided into three major branches. The first branch involves Digg’s overall look; key topics (i.e. Technology, Science, Gaming, etc.) will now be posted at page’s top rather than the side, Story pages have been revamped, and the “Submit” feature will feature more prominently than “Search” with its own box on top of every page.

Search has been downgraded to a magnifying glass icon that a user must click on first before the search box appears. The second branch involves upgrading individual profile pages by reintroducing user statistics (submission, commenting, and following) which were previously left out of the site’s recent incarnation.

Finally, Digg is incorporating new, opt-in notifications for users when their posts reach “Top News”. Granted, “Top News” no longer has the luster it once had since “My News” became the default status; however, one can still feel a bit of pride …

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