September 27, 2023


Well, not yet, at least. I guess I just didn’t have much to write about. Still don’t, really. Unless you like hearing wm55  about people’s kids and I know nobody likes that.

I go back to work full-time in the next couple of weeks, so I imagine things will pick up around here as the boredom of a full workday returns. Part of the issue is that I haven’t updated anything on my blog in such a long time, including links, that it has become a huge bear of a task that I don’t really care to deal with. Motivation is not my strong suit.

For what it’s worth, I’m playing mostly MTT’s right now, the usuals for me, $10-50 buy-ins at night on Poker Stars. The three months off, plus turning into the Steve Sax/Chuck Knoblauch of SNG bubble play, has depleted my bankroll pretty severely and I’m in serious rebuild mode. My bankroll sits currently at less than 10% of its all-time high (don’t worry, most of it was withdrawals…most of it) and at one point, dropped into the three-digits. There’s one reason I probably wasn’t all that interested in writing about poker.

On the plus side, I feel that my MTT game is actually at its all-time best. Unfortunately, you still need a bit of luck and I’m chasing that elusive big finish every night. Four finishes in the top 12 of large tournaments in the past week and a half, none higher than 7th. Two final table eliminations where JJ loses to TT and 99 loses to 55. A 21st in the $11 rebuy where I lost a 1.5 million chip pot with AA vs. KK and QQ. K on the flop. More two/three-outers on the river than I’ve ever seen in such a short time. I’m actually beginning to believe there might be something to the Riverstars moniker, as much as my logical brain refuses to believe it’s anything other than dumb luck.

I’ve also started to play satellites again, spurred by the WCOOP next month. I made enough in buy-ins to play all but two of the events in last year’s WCOOP, and while I doubt I’ll play in many of the events this year, $W can always be traded in for cash. It’s clear that not much progress has been made by the average player in the past year in understanding satellites, as evidenced by a hand I saw two nights ago…

We were down to 17, with 16 getting seats. I had folded about 100 hands in a row, including checking down AA against a similar-sized stack, since I got my stack early and wasn’t anywhere near the bottom. I was done. $215W in the bag. Meanwhile, other medium-sized stacks were playing against each other and otherwise making dumb plays. One of them finally blew it and left himself with only enough to cover his BB. As a few people understood how to play and a few others got the hint, everyone at the table limped for 800 (the BB amount) until the SB pushed for over 25,000, isolating himself against the BB. Of course, everyone folded because he had to have AA to make a play this stupid, right?