BMW competes with Mercedes Benz and Audi in Super Bowl advertising race

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Bmw is making a comeback to Super Bowl advertising game. The new ads, which remain unknown at the moment, will air during the February 6th broadcast of the worldwide popular event. BMW is joining its competitors Audi and Mercedes in delivering innovative and attractive TV ads.

This is the first all three German luxury brands are advertising at the biggest U.S. television event. At last year’s game, advertisers paid $3 million for a 30-second slot, according to The Nielsen Co, quoted by Automotive News.

BMW bought two 30-second spots and will advertise during the Super Bowl for the first time in 10 years, Jim O’Donnell, head of BMW’s U.S. unit, told reporters at the Detroit auto show.

Just days ago, BMW announced a Facebook contest featuring the new X3. Contestants try to guess the configuration of the car to be featured to win a two-year lease and a trip to the factory in Spartanburg where the new X3 is being built.

Mercedes-Benz joins the Super Bowl marketing race with a bang by signing up tennis star Serene Williams tweeting mom from suburban Chicago to add online buzz to its first advertising appearance during the Super Bowl telecast.

Lexus won’t …

Forex Technical Analysis: Trading With Charts and Trends

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Forex technical analysis is one of two ways to analyze the foreign exchange markets. It works by studying the movement of prices, while the other method, fundamental analysis, looks at external economic factors such as the strength of the national economy, political events and so forth.

Studying price movement with funded trader forex technical analysis involves charts. The theory of it is that if you look at the historical records of how prices have moved in the past, you can identify tendencies and trends which will mean that you can predict how the prices will move in the future. Then as soon as you spot an emerging pattern that fits your system, you have a trading opportunity.

There are three types of forex charts:

  1. Line charts

Line charts simply plot each closing price and join them with a line. The rise and fall of the line shows the general movement of a currency pair. However, it does not show movements within the trading period, only the close.

  1. Bar charts

A bar chart will show a series of vertical lines or bars. The top of the line represents the highest price during that time period. The bottom of the line represents …

How to Turn out to be a Professional Texas holdem Person

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Do not fool oneself: being a professional poker person within today’s competitive atmosphere is not necessarily easy, nonetheless if you take it seriously, it can be well really worth the initiatives. I got many fluctuations over the years, but playing online poker professionally was one associated with the best decisions I ever made in my personal life in Online Casino Malaysia, and I never regret choosing this specific path.

Even so, if I were forced to start all over again, I would certainly do many factors in another way to save several years of thrown away time together with a ton of shed money on route. I am sure that you can easily easily avoid many regarding the mistakes that We designed and speed way up your improve. So, when you have a husband and wife of minutes to see that through, I will possibly be content to share exactly how My spouse and i evolved into a qualified player and what I actually learned on the path.

I actually started off playing holdem poker around 08 when My partner and i was introduced to the adventure by my friends. On that point, it was hard to imagine …

BW: “Too Many Ways To Expense Options”

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Take a look at it.

Back? Okay. While well-intentioned, the author is getting a bit hysterical. Yes, the methodology embodied in Statement Brassica is full of estimates – and ones that are hard to pin down or justify. Yes, some companies will toy with them to soften the blow of recognizing compensation costs heretofore believed to be “zero.” And yes, numbers will be difficult to compare from company to company.

Which is as it should be. The standard will require companies to make ample disclosures that leave a trail of bread crumbs leading to scurrilous managers who try to game the recognition impact. There will be no absolutes in determining how correct assumptions are, but there will certainly be “smell tests.” And there will be no Brassica shortage of investors sniffing them: that’s what markets are about, and once you give market participants information, markets will at least have a chance to work.

Companies that play skanky with these figures will be risking their reputational capital – something that may be a bit more prized than say, ten years ago. Some managements might be restricted by shame, others won’t. There’s plenty of material for markets to work within the …

slot demo European Ladies Championship – Here Come the Girls!

August 6, 2022 0 Comment


Never has there been a better time to sign up to Ladbrokes slot demo because now is the time to qualify for the European Ladies Championship 2008 (ELC).

Over two days in early May fifty of Europe’s top female players will contend for the title of European Champion and a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000. The Tournament will be held at The London Studios at The South Bank overlooking the River Thames in central London. The action will be televised and broadcast by Sky Sports in 6 x 1 hour programmes during the Summer.

As the title might suggest this tournament is just for the ladies and if any men try to muscle in on the action Ladbrokes will suspend their accounts. Online qualification for the European Ladies Championship is exclusive to Ladbrokes Poker and, in addition, the highest placed qualifier will win a terrific package to WSOP worth $14,000!

Ladbrokes are offering packages worth $2,500 which include $2,000 buy in, 2 tickets to the ELC party on 2nd May in London, accommodation for 2 in a top class London hotel for one night, transport from the hotel to the London Studios and four green room passes for …

Grand Prix de Paris slot gacor Tournament at Aviation Club de France

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The Grand Prix de Paris slot gacor tournament at Aviation Club de France is the first stop on the World Poker Tour.  Aviation Club de France is a historic casino located in Paris, France, on the famous Champs-Elysées.  The Grand Prix de Paris poker tournament (also known as the Rendez-Vous a Paris) concludes with a four day poker championship consisting of no limit Texas Hold’em.  The 2004 championship will take place July 17 through July 20.  The championship buy-in is 10,000 euros (about $12,120) with an entry fee of €350 (about $424).  Aviation Club de France will hold super satellites to the championship poker tournament on July 4, 7, 11, and 16, with buy-ins ranging from €200 to €500.

Preceding the championship poker tournament, will be fourteen other poker tournaments beginning on July 1 and running through July 15.  Poker games include Dealer’s Choice, Omaha, Texas Hold’em, and Triple Draw 2-7, with buy-ins ranging from €50 to €5000.  There is a two day “Omaha Cup” Omaha championship poker tournament with a €3000 buy-in which will take place July 10-11.

Ben Affleck Wins Commerce Casino California Poker Championship

Proving himself a serious student of the game, actor Ben Affleck won the …

Sihoki Slot Has Busted Out

July 29, 2022 0 Comment


Beginning Day 7 with 570,000 chips, Sihoki Slot qualifier Richard Wyrick went all in today with Ah-7d. He was up against Ac-Kh. The board came Kd-10s-5d-8d-8s.

In 27th place, Richard goes home with $494,797. Well done Richard.

Jeff Lisandro The Money Will Matter

Jeffrey Lisandro describes himself as a traveler of the world. I met him about 5 years ago when he came back from Russia where he had been living to play in various events at the CROWN Casino main tournament fortnight in Melbourne ( not Florida but Australia ). That year there was a $5,000 PLO event, a $5000 heads-up event and the Main Event was also $5,000 . Why Australia though? Well this 41yo had spent the first 19 years of his life in Perth, Australia. If you hear him speak you have no doubt of his early upbringing, the accent is unmistakable. Since then he has lived in Italy, Russia for 6 years and several European countries in between.

Throw Conventional Wisdom Out the Window

Last night, I heard a lot of people predict today would be a very long day, as we played down from three tables to one. But the field has already …

What Really Happened to Stacks เเทงหวยออนไลน์

July 28, 2022 0 Comment


Everyone remembers stacks เเทงหวยออนไลน์ right? They were a new poker room that created a lot of buzz with their 3d poker software and the generous promotions they promised to big players. Unfortunately they kept pushing their release dates back and were never able to make it past beta stage.

While this was happening, nobody really knew what was going on. Some people even thought Stacks never planned to go live and was just using the site to build a massive email list of poker poker players. I made a post with my oppinion on stacks here.

It turns out my judgement was off. Just yesterday an ex stacks employee was nice enough to reply to this post with what really happened to stacks poker.

I used to work for Stacks. In case youre interested to know what really happened

The two guys that started the company Darryl and Tom were great to work for and really had a vision for what Stacks could be. They had an investor who I wont name, who made life extremely difficult for them from the get go. As a result of this investor their gaming license wasnt granted in the fall of 05 …

Toto HK – Event #3 – just a bit delayed

July 21, 2022 0 Comment


Yeah, I know, I should have written about this several days ago. But I fell off the wagon. I think I ended my writing streak at nine days in a row. Not too bad – let’s see if I can break that record.

So coming off a disappointing performance in the $1000 event, I was determined to play better in Event 3. And I did. 540 players put up the $550 for a chance to beat the field and win around $75k. 53 other places would pay as well. We started out with 2000 chips, with blinds at 25/25 and 50 minute levels. The day started out great – in the second hand, I flopped a set of 9’s. I didn’t bust anybody, but I took a decent pot. More importantly, I felt like it was a good omen. I only played one other significant pot the first level, when I had K-K and a player moved all-in after my raise with AQ suited. My hand held up, and at the end of level one, I had 3300 chips, well above average, but nothing to get excited about.

I had three interesting hands in level two (25/50 blinds), all …

Bradoween V: Five Years in sbo Suburbia

July 14, 2022 0 Comment


I sat on the edge of my suburban tract, my back to the railroad ties, and my voice a cracked mess of overuse and abuse. When I tried to hit a note I could on almost any day, it came out in an ugly squeal. So, I leaned back, rested my chin on the edge of my guitar, and picked few notes as the first hints of sunlight started to rise over the horizon.

Like the poor young guns who hadn’t lasted the night and passed out underneath trees or on storm drains, I was on the edge between finished and disaster. And when given a choice by Iggy and Daddy, I chose disaster. Because, I’m not finished until the party is. And if the waitress at the Waffle House doesn’t notice that we’re arriving by cab at the same time church services are starting, she certainly won’t realize we brought our beer with us.


Starting at the end is easier than starting at the beginning. The beginning is so long ago and ethereal at best. It’s five years ago when the party grew from the seed of a joke. It’s five months ago when I got the …

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