“Ari” Gold Wins Main Event and $12M토토사이트추천

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Hello again everybody. I just got done watching the final table of the Main Event on pay-per-view. Yes, that’s right, I 토토사이트추up the $25 to watch all of the hands instead of only the select hands that ESPN will show a couple months from now. It will be very interesting to see how ESPN uses the 13 hours of coverage to condense a show to two hours, to make a few key story lines, what they make up, etc.

As the final table began, Jamie Gold had a nice chip lead followed fairly closely by superstar Allen Cunningham. The chip counts looked like this:

Jamie Gold, 25,500,000

Allen Cunningham, 17,700,000

Richard Lee, 11,820,000

Eric Friberg, 9,605,000

Paul Wasicka, 7,970,000

Doug Kim, 6,770,000

Rhett Butler, 4,815,000

Michael Binger, 3,140,000

Dan Nassiff, 2,600,000

With the blinds at $80k/$160k and a $20k ante, there would be plenty of play, and only one or two players were somewhat shortstacked. But there were fireworks early as Jamie Gold eliminated Dan Nassiff in only the fifth hand. With 2-2, Gold limped in, and Nassiff raised about half his stack with A-K. Gold pondered for a while before making the call (He said later …


betso88 Tips Used by Professional betso88 Players

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Many of today’s betso88 tips can be traced to the period of time from the 1960 to the 1990s when blackjack was the most popular casino card game in the world. Thanks to televised tournaments beginning in the 1990s the popularity of Texas Hold ‘em soon grabbed the attention of gamblers worldwide, but winning blackjack tips are still coveted by the fans of this legendary game.

The first forms of blackjack began in France in the 1700s. The game was imported into the United State after the French revolution and its popularity spread quickly throughout the country. With gambling prohibited in the early 1900s blackjack became an underground phenomenon so that by the time Las Vegas legalized gambling in 1931 the game had become popular throughout the country.

The ultimate of all books on blackjack tips was published in 1962 when Professor Edward Thorp used his skill in mathematics to create a card counting strategy that was outlined in his best selling book Beat the Dealer. Afraid of suffering losses thanks to the book’s revelations, casinos across the country changed many of the rules of blackjack to counteract the strategy. But when gambling revenues dropped sharply as a result …


먹튀사이트Pachinko – It’s Types,Variations and Winning Tips

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Pachinko is a very simple gambling game. It belongs from the same kind of pinball. It does not require any skill. Just a good understanding of the game is enough. You can just 먹튀사이your hands and wait for your term of winnings or losses. Pachinko machines generally are found in pachinko parlours. You can easily recognize these parlours because all of them are very bright and colourful.

How to play:

The first thing you need to understand in the game is the machine. These special kinds of machines are only used for playing pachinko. It shoots small balls at a wicked pace which is silver in colour. These cascading down and bouncing off ball are and controlled and directed by some series of pins and eventually they will drop towards the centre at the bottom. The bottom holds a hole which is protected by two small doors on both the sides so that if the doors are closed it is possible for only one ball to slip through it and when they are open it is possible for three or more balls. Actually, most of the balls fall meaninglessly into the bottom hole of the …


Poker Bad Boys Take Vegas to에볼루션

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Poker Bad Boys Take VegasThe Hendon Mob are taking no prisoners at the first stop on their Prima에볼루Tour. Team members Ram ‘CrazyHorse’ Vaswani, Joe ‘The Elegance’ Beevers and Barmy Barny Boatman came in 1st, 4th and 5th respectively on Sunday’s $500 Pot Limit Omaha at the Four Queens Poker Classic in Las Vegas.

“It was a short field today but probably the toughest so far. The big boys have arrived. Scotty Nguyen, Mike Sexton and An Tran to name but a few. They were all at Barny’s table but that didn’t hinder my big brother who turned $1,000 into $11,000 in the first hour and a half. He clashed with Scotty in a huge pot. They both had aces and all the chips went in on the flop when Scotty check raised Barny. Barny flopped the nut flush draw and paired one of his other cards. Free-rolling with 14 outs Barny was unlucky to split the pot,” according to Mobster Ross Boatman.

But more important than the money was the affirmation that The Mob are as furiously competitive amongst themselves as they are against ‘civilian’ players. “Ram knocked out Barny and then Joe,” commented Ross. ” …

Slot Gacor Referral Code

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If you are looking for a Slot Gacor referral code you should visit pokerreferralcodes.org. This site provides users with all kind of important details about the internet poker site Poker Stars. You will get an in depth review containing many Pokerstars details. Of course they also provide info on the Pokerstars referral code which offers an awesome first bankroll bonus. You will even get an article on Pokerstars strategy. The review of Pokerstars have all of the vital need to know info such as bankroll options, traffic info, software and games, tournament details and much more. The special friend referral code they gives the best bonanza you will find internet. A referral code and a marketing code are the same thing. When a player signs up at Pokerstars he/she is asked for a referral or marketing code. This site explains where to enter this code and even shows a picture of the screen where you enter the code. This makes it very easy to follow. You won’t have to think about making a mistake and not receiving the best bonus when you use their referral code. Poker Stars welcomes players from the United States so this is really a …

Katey Sagal Joins Cast of Pitch Perfect 2

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Just when we thought we couldn’t be any more excited for Pitch Perfect 2… If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK

Elizabeth Banks, who will reprise her role for this musical comedy follow-up and also direct the film, confirmed today via Twitter today that Katey Sagal has joined the cast of the sequel.

The veteran actor – who should have won an Emmy by now for her role as Gemma on Sons of Anarchy – will portray the mother of Hailee Steinfeld’s character in the flick.

Sagal joins an impressive cast that includes Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Adam DeVine.

Shooting has already begun on Pitch Perfect 2, which hits theaters on May 15, 2015.

To watch Pitch Perfect online and see what the fuss is about, visit our friends at Movie Fanatic.

Man Uses Trampoline, Completes EPIC Slam Dunk

ove over, LeBron James.

Take a seat, Blake Griffin.

Our apologies, anyone else who has ever attempted any kind of trick dunk.

During an NBA 3X streetball event in Bilbao, Spain this week, Botond Dajka pulled off one of the most impressive feats you’ll ever see on a basketball court.

Yes, he uses …

AFL 2022 Round 2 Footy Tips and Odds

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Round 2 see’s the debut of the new AFL franchise the Gold Coast Suns, they will be out to make a good showing and I think they may have the will power to create an upset. The game of round two is Sydney v먹튀검in Sydney, both teams are playing a exciting brand of footy and with the up and coming Essendon being the bookie under-dogs for this match it should give us an idea how Essendon will hold up this year.

Its not too late to join the Sportsbet Million Dollar Footy Tipping Competition. All new players are automatically given home games giving you 7 out of 8 for last week! With all the upsets from last round you will have a great head start from the rest of the pack! Place your footy tips now.

Best Bet of Round 2

This week I’m taking Fremantle to beat Geelong by over 16 points. Its currently paying 2.30 at Centrebet where they give you a bet that doesn’t lose! Simply join Centebet today and place your first bet. If it loses you get 100% of your money back, up to a missive $200! Now that’s truly a bet …

A (Not So) Quick Word on Colorado kodokmas 99

October 8, 2022 0 Comment

I cannot freaking’ wait until the end of the work day and my sojourn to Colorado tomorrow for an antiemetic wedding. On Wednesday night, after waking up early and travelling across this fine country by aeroplane, wifey Kim will be joining her friends for a bachelorette party and I will be joining wifey Kim’s friend’s fiance for some poker in Black Hawk, Colorado.

A while ago, when I first found out I was heading to CO, CO-native kodokmas 99 gave me the lowdown on the local scene.

For those who don’t travel a lot, poker is legal in a shitload of places where you wouldn’t expect it. Colorado was one of those places for me. Thankfully, one of the fringe benefits of having this poker blog is meeting people from all over the country and world who share a similar interest. Peaker is one such person.

Peaker gave me one major warning. Don’t expect much for the cash games. Colorado apparently has a law limiting the Indian casinos to $5 max bets. The result is that the highest limit game at an Colorado casino is 5/5 Limit, whether it be LHE or LO8, which apparently is fairly regularly spread (likely, …


What is second mortgage?

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A second mortgage is usually a loan subordinate to another mortgage loan on the same property.

The difference between the second mortgage and the home equity line of credit, is the amount of the loan given and how it is paid. Just like the first Brassica mortgage, you will be given a loan, and will pay it back based on the payment amount and repayment schedule you have agreed-upon. In the majority of the states, the equity you need for a second mortgage is 20%.

Typically, the primary or first mortgage will be the one, which gets paid-off first, and this is why the second mortgage will have a higher interest rate and higher closing costs (additional taxes and fees apart from the purchase price), which will generally make the second mortgage more expensive than the first one.

Usually, the second mortgage you can receive is equal to the equity, which you already own in your house. In other words, if you have paid off $25,000 of a total of $100,000 of your primary mortgage, you will be given a second mortgage for this same amount of $25,000.

The interest rate will be defined by the lender, according to …


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Elder shortboarders (aged over-35) fought an uphill battle as the bcu Australian Surf Festival resumed in difficult one-foot waves at Gallows Beach today. Are you a BIG lover of 2023 Nude Calendars, find a big collection of 2023 Calendar here.

1999 Pipeline Masters runner-up Shane Wehner (Broulee, NSW) made light work of the tiny waves in the Over-35 Men, performing an eclectic mix of forehand and backhand snaps. The South Coast goofy-footer posted a solid 15.00 heat total (out of a possible 20 points) to leave his closest rivals chasing two-wave combinations to take away his top-spot.

Queensland surfers dominated the rest of the Over-35 Mens division with James Lewis (Burleigh Heads, Qld), David McGrath (Labrador, Qld) and Mark Richardson (Palm Beach, Qld) all taking wins and booking themselves a spot in the quarterfinals.

Mark Richardson was able to back up his Over-35 victory with an impressive performance in the Over-40 Mens division. The Gold Coast goofy-footer fought a tight battle with 2022 NSW Champion Justin Lee (Redhead, NSW), with both surfers posting heat totals in the 15-point range, however Richardson was able to take a victory by a 0.35-point margin.

Other Over-40 Mens winners included: Paul Parkes …

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